Welcome to the summer of the Goat!

The wait is over!
Welcome to The Summer of The Goat!
Last infos for those who’re coming:

⚡️TICKETS⚡️ TOMORROW we’ll be at the camping changing tickets for wristbands, until 22:00! Join us and avoid queues!

⚡️CAMPING⚡️Camping is open from the 7 to 11th! It’s not allowed to make fire. Nature is important to us!

⚡️TRAINS AND TAXIS⚡️Ticket holders have 30% discount on return train tickets to Moledo! Check the regulation here: https://sonicblastmoledo.com/2019/06/28/sonicblast-moledo-and-cp-partnership-30-train-tickets-discount/

If you’re staying outside Moledo, check taxis numbers here: https://sonicblastmoledo.com/

⚡️WELCOME PARTY⚡️Tomorrow we’ll be waiting for you at our free welcome party! Check the program below!

⚡️AFTER PARTIES⚡️Every festival day ends with an after party at Ruivo`s bar ( praia de moledo)

Enjoy your stay!